Services & Products

Diagnostic Testing Services

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of diagnostic testing services and specialist diagnostic advice.

Our services extend from collection of the specimen from the patient, transporting the specimen to the laboratory, analysis of the specimen, to specialist reporting and interpretation of the results to the referring doctor.

Our range of tests extends from the relatively routine tests such as cholesterol to the highly complex gene-based and molecular tests. We perform tests that enable the treating doctor to prevent illness, diagnose disease, guide treatment pathways, monitor disease progression and eventually to confirm patient recovery.

It has been established that 70% to 80% of all healthcare decisions involve reliance upon the sort of diagnostic tests that we conduct every day.

Occupational Testing, Health Screening & Risk Management

We help employers and other organisations improve the health of workers and others under their care. We are the leading provider of drugs of abuse testing programs for employees in Queensland, and we are a leading provider of wellness testing and screening for immigration services, pre-employment and occupational assessments.

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Veterinary Pathology

Through our specialist veterinary pathology practice QML Pathology Vetnostics, we provide clinical testing services combined with specialist diagnostic consultation advice for veterinarians. Our vet pathology practice is recognised for its leading panel of veterinary pathologists and specialists that act as a true partner in care of companion, production and performance animals.

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