Patient Support Clinics

Warfarin Care Clinic

Your treating doctor or your hospital doctor may have enrolled you in the QML Pathology Warfarin Care Clinic so that we can monitor your blood and keep your warfarin dosage at a safe level. Patients cannot self-register because we require a detailed medical history. You will need to speak with your doctor about enrolling in the Warfarin Care Clinic.

The Warfarin Care Clinic is not funded by Medicare or any other funding body, therefore we require your full cooperation to make this service run efficiently and effectively. When your doctor registers you with our clinic, we’ll send you copy of the Warfarin Care Clinic charter. You’ll need to return the Charter Acceptance Form in order to complete your registration.

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Cardiac Diagnostics

Once your doctor refers you for cardiac monitoring with us, you can visit one of our clinics located throughout the state.
We have leading consultant cardiologists operating from our premises, who will run timely, accurate and affordable cardiac lab diagnostics including, ECGs, Holter Monitor Services and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. Test results will be sent to your referring doctor, generally within 24 hours, or earlier if urgent.

You won’t need to make an appointment for ECG monitoring, however you will need to make an appointment for both Holter Monitoring and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM). These services are provided at specific patient collection centres only. To find one of our designated cardiac care patient pathology collection centres please click here.

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