Added Test Service

In order to enhance our added test service, QML Pathology offers both fax and online options for ordering additional tests to the original ones outlined on the patient's request form. These options offer a time efficient means to deal with your patient follow-up.

It is important to note that due to the time-critical nature of testing and limits to storage capabilities, most samples are only stored for seven days after completion of testing; although some specimens do not comply with this timeline. Serological testing may be stored for extended periods to assist assessment of seroconversion, however the instability of some analytes may mean a sample that is several days old will be unsuitable for analysis. For any queries in regards to this please contact your local laboratory. 

Submit Added Tests Online

Requests for additional testing can be submitted online by filling out the following form with the relevant details:

Test Online Form

Please note: 
In order to comply with Medicare Australia (formerly HIC) regulations, a confirmation form will be sent to you for your signature. 

Fax Added Tests

By using the fax form attached below, you can order additional tests without filling out a second request form. All that is required is for you to complete the form and sign it prior to faxing back to our Added Tests Department on one of the following numbers applicable to your area:

Test Fax Form

Fax Numbers

Brisbane & Logan                              (07) 3121 4455
Ballina & Surrounding Area                 (02) 6686 9515
Bundaberg & Surrounding Area           (07) 4152 1044
Cairns & Surrounding Area                  (07) 4051 1508
Gladstone & Surrounding Area              (07) 4972 2653
Gold Coast                                          (07) 5532 7965
Ipswich & Lockyer Valley                      (07) 3202 1061
Mackay & Surrounding Area                (07) 4951 3277
Redcliffe & Northlakes Area                 (07) 3049 2747
Rockhampton & Surrounding Area       (07) 4921 2065
Sunshine Coast                                  (07) 5444 6061
Toowoomba & Surrounding Area          (07) 4638 9146
Townsville & Surrounding Area            (07) 4795 6470